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The Aspin Hill Memorial Park (AHMP) is owned by MCHS and dedicated to people’s love for their pets, and pets’ love for and loyalty to their owners. The eight-acre property provides a respite from the outside world in the center of Montgomery County and is open to the public year-round.  With over 50,000 pets and people buried there, Aspin Hill is full, and no plots are available for sale.

In the future, Montgomery County Humane Society aims to use its passion for animal welfare, its mission to advance humane education, and its broad support from the animal-loving community to transform this poignant property into a unique community resource.

What’s up with the spelling?

We are asked every day why Aspin Hill Memorial Park is spelled that way. The Park was named after a dog kennel in England called Aspin Hill. Thus, the different spelling from the area where the property is located, which is spelled Aspen Hill.


The Aspin Hill Memorial Park, 13630 Georgia Avenue, is located at the center of Montgomery County in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

MCHS received the property as a gift from Mrs. Dorothy Shapiro in 2007. Mrs. Shapiro had envisioned the property as a unique center focused on the promotion of animal welfare and humane education to help reduce animal homelessness in the community. MCHS seeks to carry out Mrs. Shapiro’s vision at the Aspin Hill Memorial Park by conducting a complete rehabilitation of the buildings and grounds.  As portions are completed, it will begin offering a range of animal welfare programming and activities to help Montgomery County residents learn more about their pets and about the mutual benefits of the human-animal bond.


The Aspin Hill Memorial Park was established in 1920, when the owners of a private dog kennel began interring their pets and those of the public on the western side of their 8-acre property, located at Georgia Avenue and Aspen Hill Road in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

AHMP is one of the oldest pet cemeteries in the nation, and is the final resting place for various animal celebrities, including stars of movies and television, pets of a U.S. president and heroes of foreign wars, as well as more than 50,000 beloved pets of families in Montgomery County and beyond.

AHMP’s historic buildings include a large, Tudor-style house, which dates from the early 20th-century and was home to the family that founded the cemetery, and a kennel, which housed their prized dogs. The entire property is listed on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties and is considered eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

The property, which has had several intervening owners including the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary, was transferred to the Montgomery County Humane Society in 2007.

Cemetery historian: Julianne Mangin

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There are no plots available for sale at AHMP at this time.

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