How to Adopt

We are so pleased you’re considering adopting one of our exceptional animals!

Please note that these procedures have been changed due to COVID-19.  We cannot make any exceptions to the process described below:

Once you’ve reviewed our adoptable dogs and cats online, here’s what’s next:
No applications will be accepted until animals are made available for adoption.

First, Review the adoptable cats and dogs on this Web site. Do not visit our building — only scheduled visitors will be permitted into the building.

Second, After you find a pet on this website that you wish to meet, complete the online adoption application that applies to that pet:
Cat Adoption Application | Dog Adoption Application
Please note: Applications not referencing a specific pet will not be processed.

Third, MCHS will contact you about scheduling an appointment.  All family members (including current dogs) must meet the pet before the adoption is complete, to be sure that it’s unanimous between you and your new pet. We’re located at 601 S. Stonestreet Ave. in Rockville, Maryland.

Fourth, When you arrive for your appointment, everyone in your party must be wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth. You will also be given non-latex plastic gloves to use during your adoption visit.  The MCHS adoption advisor will go over the things you’ll need to know when adopting a new pet, and to answer your questions. In limited cases, we may wish to visit your home as part of the adoption process (using COVID-19 precautions).

Please understand that in some cases, the pet may not be available to go home the same day. All animals must be spayed/neutered before adoption, and in some cases the surgery may delay taking the animal home. But, just in case, please bring along your cat carrier or collar and leash.

The minimum age to adopt from MCHS is 18.

Remember, when you adopt one of our animals, you adopt us too!
The MCHS team is always here to help you with your pet’s transition into your home, and to answer any questions you may have regarding your pet.

What’s included in the adoption?

All animals available for adoption through MCHS come with the following:

  • Tests for heartworm (dogs) and FeLV/FIV (cats)
  • Basic vaccines, if applicable
  • Preventive flea treatment
  • Spay/neuter
  • Microchip and chip registration

What’s the cost to adopt?

Adoption fees cover expenses for rescuing, transporting, caring for and socializing the pet while it is in our care, as well as supplies such as vaccines, preventive treatments, tests, food, bedding, litter, and other supplies associated with caring for our animals. When you support our work, we can in turn help many more animals find safety, loving care and new homes.


  • Adult dog (over 6 months old): $250
  • Puppies (age 6 months and under): $350
  • Senior dog (7 years and older): $200
  • Some pure breeds may have different fees


  • Single cat: $90
  • Pair of adult cats (over 1 year): $150
  • Senior cat (over age 7): $80