We Can’t Accept These Items

Sorry, we cannot accept the following:

Bed frames Bed pillows Car seats
Computer books Cribs Dog houses or igloos
Encyclopedias Exercise equipment Fax machines
Flammables Intimate items Magazines
Mattresses or box springs Oversized appliances Playpens
Pornography Scanners Sofa beds
Textbooks VHS tapes Video tape recorders

Because of the government regulations (CPSIA — Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – 2008), we also CANNOT ACCEPT the following:

  • Children’s clothing with sequins
  • Children’s books published before 1986
  • Children’s toys with small pieces a child could choke on
  • Children’s furniture containing lead paint
  • Recalled toys and other items

Please be mindful that donated items we cannot sell must be disposed of at our time and cost, which takes precious resources away from animals in need.

We do not take leftovers from community and church yard sales.

Questions? Please call (301) 279-0345.