Our thrift store can’t accept these items

Due to overstock, we will not be accepting donations of Christmas items, toys, wall art or picture frames at this time.
We are now able to accept small quantities of books: limited to one box or bag per carload.
Thank you for your understanding.

Due to large inventories and/or government regulations, we CANNOT accept the following:

  • Bed frames and headboards
  • Carpet cleaners/steamers
  • Cassettes tapes
  • Exotic pet items (bird cages, fish tanks, aquariums, stands)
  • Fur coats and garments
  • Home-made items
  • Humidifiers
  • Jewelry
  • Large/upholstered furniture
  • Medical supplies
  • Personal computers (Macs OK)
  • Toys
  • VHS tapes and players
  • Wall art
  • Weapons

Because of the government regulations (CPSIA — Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – 2008), we also CAN NEVER ACCEPT the following:

  • Children’s clothing with sequins
  • Children’s books published before 1986
  • Children’s toys with small pieces a child could choke on
  • Children’s furniture containing lead paint
  • Recalled toys and other items

Please be mindful that donated items we cannot sell must be disposed of at our time and cost, which takes precious resources away from animals in need.

We do not take leftovers from community and church yard sales.

Questions? Please call (301) 279-0345  ~ Thank you again for your donations.

We CAN graciously accept all unopened, unexpired and NON-Rx cat and dog food and freshly laundered towels, and flat sheets at our rescue building, located at 601 S. Stonestreet Ave. in Rockville.