Your involvement can help us accomplish even more!

As a non-profit with limited resources, MCHS can’t do it alone. We are working every day to end animal homelessness, and your involvement can help us, in many ways, to carry out this vision through our work with animals and in the community.

Won’t you help us?  Here’s how:

Help fund our programs. MCHS is 100% privately funded, and your donations are the primary source of funding for the life-saving work we do. There are many options for how you can help.

Volunteer. We can’t carry out all of our programs without the help of our volunteers, who support us in working with animals, and in numerous other ways all year long.

Sponsor our programs. Our events and programs generate much-needed revenue to support our mission-based work. Corporate and individual sponsors can make that support go even further.

Participate. The more supporters rally behind our mission and our work, the more success we will have in realizing our vision for ending animal homelessness. When you attend our events you provide even more resources that, in turn, support our work.

Thank you for getting involved with MCHS!