About your pet’s appointment

Thank you for requesting a spay/neuter surgery with the MCHS Clinic.

To expedite scheduling and to keep our costs low, please read the following carefully, and save a copy for your reference.

Our scheduler will call you at the best phone number you provided to schedule your appointment usually within two weeks. The scheduler will call from (240) 252-2555 (the MCHS main number) between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday (not on weekends).

Surgery rates (include post-surgery pain meds, anti-biotics and an E-collar):

Female cat spay:  $150
Male cat neuter:  $75

Male dog neuter up to 50 lbs. — $195
Male dog neuter 51 to 70 lbs. — $240

Female dog spay up to 30 lbs. — $275
Female dog spay 31 to 50 lbs. — $350
Female dog spay 51 to 70 lbs. — $395

Additional charges for unforeseen circumstances including:

Cryptorchid (retained testicles):  $15 to $50 extra, depending on the pet’s circumstances
Hernia repair:  $15 to $50 extra, depending on type.

Note: Some pets experience vomiting due to motion sickness and/or anesthesia. If this should occur, your pet will be given an injection of Cerenia at an additional charge from $15 to $35.

*In-heat females have an increased surgical risk, including additional bleeding. There will be an additional charge of $25 for dogs in heat due to the complexity of the surgery.

Optional services:

Retained baby teeth:  $10 each tooth
Vaccines: Rabies, K9 DAPP, K9 Bordatella, Cat FVRCP:  $15 each — all are 1-year vaccines.
Microchip:  $35
Tests:  Heartworm (dog) and FeLV/FIV (cat):  $25 each
Other services (deworming, anal gland expression, HW preventative) also available for additional fee.

All rates and fees subject to change without notice.

Rabies vaccine is mandatory for all patients – Please bring your pet’s rabies certificate on surgery day. If you do not have proof of a current rabies vaccine, we will vaccinate your pet on surgery day for an additional cost of $15.

Pre-surgery blood work is REQUIRED for pets 7+ years of age, for the safety of your pet. This is optional for younger pets. You must have this pre-operative blood work performed at another veterinarian, as the MCHS Clinic is not a full-service clinic and does not provide blood work.

Medical history: For patients with medical conditions, bring your pet’s medical records.

Keep your appointment! Cancellations of less than 48 hours in advance and no-shows will be charged an additional $25 fee for a rescheduled appointment.

Cancellations drive up our costs. If you must cancel, please call the clinic scheduler at (240) 252-2555 ASAP, Monday through Friday, so we can schedule another waiting pet quickly. Cancellations for Monday appointments must be received by 12 noon on Friday before the appointment.