About your pet’s appointment

To expedite scheduling and to keep our costs low, please read the following carefully, and save a copy for your reference.

Our scheduler, Kathy, will call you at the best phone number you provided to schedule your appointment. Kathy will call from (240) 252-2555 (the MCHS main number) between 11 am and 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday (not on weekends). Please make a note of this number so you don’t miss her call.

WHEN YOU RETURN THE CALL: Please call Kathy directly at (240) 547-3671 (not the general MCHS number). This will save time and get your appointment scheduled more quickly.

Surgery rates (include post-surgery pain meds and an E-collar):

Cat spay:  $175
Cat neuter:  $110
Dog spay (<40 lbs.):  $250
Dog spay (40-60 lbs. max):  $325
Dog neuter:  $180

Additional charges for unforeseen circumstances including:

Cryptorchid (retained testicles):  $15 to $50 extra, depending on the pet’s circumstances
Hernia repair:  $15 extra

Optional services:

Retained baby teeth:  $10 each tooth
Vaccines: Rabies, K9 DAPP, K9 Bordatella, Cat FVRCP:  $15 each — all are 1-year vaccines.
Microchip:  $35
Tests:  Heartworm (dog) and FeLV/FIV (cat):  $25 each
Other services (deworming, anal gland expression, HW preventative) also available for additional fee.

All rates and fees subject to change without notice

Rabies vaccine is required – please bring proof of current vaccination, or your pet will be vaccinated on surgery day for an additional cost of $15.

Pre-surgery blood work is REQUIRED for pets 7+ years of age, for the safety of your pet, and optional for other pets. You must have this pre-operative blood work performed at another veterinarian. MCHS Clinic is not a full-service clinic and does not provide blood work.

Keep your appointment! No shows drive up our rates! No shows and cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged an additional $25 fee at a rescheduled appointment.  If you must cancel, please call (240) 547-3671 ASAP, Monday through Friday, so we can schedule another pet and keep costs lower.  Please note: cancellations for Monday appointments must be received by 12 noon on Friday before the appointment.

Review forms in advance:

You will be required to sign a Surgical Anesthesia Release the morning of surgery. Please review this release in advance so you will be familiar with the form you’ll sign and save time during check-in.

Also, please review the Post-Surgical Instructions for cats and dogs here:  (links to instructions) so you will understand what to expect after surgery.

What to Prepare:

  1. DO NOT FEED your pet after 10 p.m. the day before surgery. You may provide water at all times. Keep your pet inside after 8 p.m., with only short walks for dogs for elimination purposes.
  2. Rabies certificate: Bring a copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination certificate; a tag is not acceptable. If you don’t have the certificate, or your pet is not vaccinated, we will vaccinate the pet for $15.
  3. Bloodwork: Bring a copy of you pet’s bloodwork results (within past 30 days) for pets 7 years and older.
  4. Medical history: For pets with medical conditions, bring your pet’s medical records.


  1. DOGS: Arrive at 8:00 am. Each dog must be on a leash. Small dogs under 10 pounds can be in a carrier.
  2.  CATS: Arrive at 8:15 am. Each cat must be in a separate carrier, even if they normally get along. No exceptions – this is for your cats’ safety and wellbeing.
  3. The Clinic is located at 601 S. Stonestreet Ave. in Rockville, MD. Drive into the parking lot located behind the building.
  4. When you arrive, park in a numbered space, STAY IN YOUR CAR and call the receptionist at (240) 328-8051 when you arrive. Masks are required at all times!
  5. The receptionist will provide check-in instructions and paperwork
  6. Remain in your car, with your pet while signing paperwork. Once all paperwork has been completed, call (240) 328-8051. This process will take about 15 minutes.

Throughout the Day

MCHS Clinic Staff will monitor your pet throughout the day, and will call you with any concerns. Please keep your phone’s ringer on and available, make sure your voicemail box can accept new messages if necessary, and check messages frequently.

Pet Pick-up (Masks required at time of pick-up)

  1. Plan to pick up your pet between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. MCHS Clinic Staff will discuss the services performed, provide post-operative instructions, and collect payment.
  2. We accept cash, VISA and MasterCard, and checks. If you plan to pay with cash, please bring exact change. Be sure to ask any questions at this time.
  3. The MCHS team will bring your pet to your car. We strongly recommend that you drive directly home, so your pet can be made comfortable for recovery in their home environment as quickly as possible.