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Getting started:

Thank you for choosing the MCHS mobile clinic for your pet’s spay or neuter! Please review the key items below, and complete the reply form so we can get the process started.

1. We require that your pet has a current Rabies vaccination.

Please bring a printed copy of your pet’s Rabies certificate with you on the day of your pet’s surgery. If your pet does not have a current Rabies vaccination, we will vaccinate him or her the day of the surgery. The fee for the Rabies vaccine is $15.

2. All dogs over six (6) months of age must have a heartworm test prior to surgery.

The cost for the test is $25, and includes tests for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Heartworm prevention is available for purchase for dogs who test negative for heartworms.

3. All pets seven (7) years and older must have pre-anesthetic blood work prior to surgery.

Blood work can be done the day of the surgery. The fee is $55. If your pet is under 7 years, pre-anesthetic blood work is optional, but recommended.

4. Drop off and pick up

You will need to be available to drop off between 9 and 10 am and pick up as early as 3 pm on surgery day. Discharge times will vary for each patient.

5. Appointments are scheduled via return phone call only

The first step is to complete the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, our wait time for an appointment can be 30 days or more. Please be patient, as it may take several days for us to call you. Be sure you have provided your best phone number and the best time of day to call. Our surgical coordinator, Yvonne, will call you from (240) 547-4318 between 4 and 8 pm to answer your questions and schedule your pet’s procedure. If you are regularly unavailable between 4 and 8 pm, please indicate a best time to call on the form. Sorry, we cannot schedule appointments via email.

Please allow up to several days for a reply, as our coordinator works part-time. Be sure you have provided the best phone number to call you.

Our clinic coordinator, Yvonne, will contact you via phone from (240) 547-4318 to schedule your pet for surgery, review our protocols and answer any questions you may have.