How to have an incredible pet

Most pets can be “dream pets” if their owner knows how to train them, respond to them and build a lifelong, loving relationship with them. Part of this is understanding that pets have feelings and emotions, too.

Learn the keys to making your pet a great companion and friend, including:

  • pets have feelings — recognize the ways they express them
  • why pets trust their owner unconditionally
  • the importance of teaching children compassion towards pets
  • how to choose the best pet for your family’s lifestyle
  • the importance of socializing a pet so it will be an easygoing, loving and enjoyable companion
  • the many human health benefits of having a pet in your life
This program is presented at no charge in cooperation with Montgomery County Public Libraries.

March 30, 2016: Quince Orchard Library
May 14, 2016: Olney Library
June 19, 2016: Germantown Library

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