Create Cat “Loveys”

Knit or crochet cat cage liners

Our cats need a seemingly never-ending supply of blankets or other machine washable cage liners made from soft materials.

One way that a crafter can help is by weaving, knitting or crocheting “loveys”, solid-weave blankets, to place at the bottom of our kitty cages. Colors and patterns don’t matter, as long as there are no “holes” for toes and claws to catch on. (No granny squares). Single- or double-crochet and solid knit patterns work well. Yarn must be machine washable. Blankets the size of a standard pillow sham (22×30″) fit our cages perfectly.

Scout troops and youth groups can fulfill textile badges or service projects and help the homeless animals at the same time. Crafty adults can keep their hands busy while commuting on mass transit or watching tv. And our kitties get a feel of “home”.

Create a stack and bring them by the shelter. We’d love to “display” your creativity!