Spay / Neuter Clinic

Our mission is to end animal homelessness in our community.

Our spay / neuter clinic is dedicated to helping to reduce animal homelessness by offering affordable options for our patients. The process is easy. To get started, click the button below the pricing table.

Current rates* for cats
Male neuter$135.00
Female spay$175.00
Current rates* for dogs
Male neuter under 20 lbs.$170.00
Male neuter 21-40 lbs.$190.00
Male neuter 41-65 lbs.$225.00
Female spay under 20 lbs.$185.00
Female spay 21-40 lbs.$225.00
Female spay 41-65 lbs. $275.00

From a recent clinic customer, Jeffrey S.:

“Our little “Kashew Nut” is back to her puppy antics … she has not even … noticed the surgical area.

Thanks for being a part of her life and for the work you are doing for the community.”

Maximum weight for pets is 65 lbs. Rates include pain medication to take home as required, and an e-collar to help your pet heal quickly. Additional charges may apply for Rabies vaccine, bloodwork and non-routine surgeries, such as pregnancy, in heat or cryptorchid. These will be reviewed with you at the time of scheduling.

Other basic services are available for spay/neuter patients on the day of surgery. Ask for details.

*All rates subject to change without notice.