Backyard wildlife tips: baby rabbits

Backyard wildlife tips: baby rabbits

The trees and flowers are in full bloom, and you may now be noticing an increase in baby animals around your yard. Baby rabbits (also known as kits) are especially common this time of year. Rabbits typically nest in tall grass or under bushes, but they leave the nest during the day to distract predators away from their young.

When people stumble upon a rabbit’s nest, they often assume that the kits have been abandoned. Be assured that it is highly probable that the mother is tending them. Mother rabbits feed their kits twice a day, at dusk and dawn, but otherwise they remain away from the nest for hours. And, since kits mature quickly, by three or four weeks of age, they are completely independent.

For more information on baby and juvenile rabbits, and tips about when it is appropriate to intervene, please visit Second Chance Wildlife Center and watch their short video “Found a rabbit’s nest?”

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