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Welcome to the Montgomery County Humane Society's adoption information page. We are delighted that you are considering adopting a pet. The following will give you a general idea of the adoption process and hopefully make your visit to the MCHS a rewarding one.

Before you visit, you may want to view some of the animals online that are available for adoption. Please be aware that an animal you see here may not be available once you visit the shelter. We receive between 25-30 new animals every day, so there are many wonderful animals to see and choose from.

How To Adopt a SHELTER animal

Thank you for choosing to adopt your new companion! We are glad that you are planning to add a pet to your home, and look forward to helping you.

We make every effort to place the animals in our care into loving, permanent homes. Our adoption matchmakers are here to assist you in finding the best possible match. Our staff and volunteers spend many hours each day with the animals; they are a wonderful resource for you during the adoption process.

For information about adopting a foster animal, click here.

Before You Visit the Shelter

Check with your rental agency to determine if pets are allowed and if any additional fees are required. Many apartments and condo communities have breed and weight restrictions.

Please Bring with You to the Shelter

• A photo ID
• Proof of current residence: ID, lease, or utility bill
• Your veterinarian’s contact information (if you have current pets)
• Any household members who should meet the pet (children, roommates, etc.)

The SHELTER Adoption Process

Download and complete the adoption questionnaire before you arrive at the shelter. You will need to complete the questionnaire before you visit with the animals.

Visit the pet at the shelter. We may require all members of your household to meet the pet as well.

Meet with a member of the adoption team to discuss the adoption and ask questions about bringing the pet home. (If a consultation is not possible at the time you submit your application, you will receive a call to discuss your application within 24-48 hours.)

Once your adoption is finalized, the pet must be picked up from the shelterwithin 24 hours. If the animal is awaiting spay/neuter surgery, he or she must be picked up from the veterinary clinic the day of the surgery.

After your new pet is home, a member of the MCHS team will e-mail or call you to answer questions and provide resources. You may call 240.773.5965 or email the adoption desk anytime for advice or assistance from the adoptions staff.

Download (pdf) Dog Application
Download (pdf) Cat Application
Download (pdf) Other Animals Application

NOTE: Please do NOT use these applications for foster animals -- the foster department uses a different form that collectes different information. You can get a foster application from the foster caregiver (they have access to electronic versions as well). Using these applications will slow the foster adoption process down.

SHELTER Adoption Fees
Your adoption fee includes: Spay/neuter (cats and dogs), applicable vaccinations (rabies vaccine not always given), FeLV/FIV test (for cats), heartworm test (for dogs), microchip and registration, flea treatment and deworming.

Dogs/puppies $175
Cats/kittens $ 90
Rabbits $ 30
Guinea pigs $ 15
Hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils $ 10
Ferrets $ 30
Chinchillas $ 50
Iguanas $ 40
Snakes $ 20
Small birds such as parakeets (budgies), finches, and cockatiels $ 10
Larger birds such as cockatoos, parrots, and macaws $ 25
Others (chickens, turtles, small lizards) $ 10

Montgomery County requires that all dogs and cats be licensed. Information is available here.

What happens after I adopt my pet

Adoption Fees for County Shelter Adoptions

Foster Adoption Information


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