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Puppy Mill

Updated: January 29, 2008

The community interest and support for the puppy mill rescue mission has been incredible. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s concern in seeing the 25 dogs we rescued from Junior Horton’s for-profit dog breeding operation (puppy mill) in Hillsville, VA be placed in patient and loving “forever” homes.

The Rescue Mission

MCHS Inc. along with other animal shelters and rescues all

along the east coast, rescued over 1,000 dogs from an inhumane for-profit breeding facility (also known as a puppy mill) in Hillsville, VA. The MCHS Rescue Team returned on November 8th with 25 dogs ranging from 3 months to 8 years and included Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, Jack Russells, Poodles, Puggles, and other small breeds.

The dogs rescued from inhumane and unsanitary conditions where they were treated as a “cash crop” according to Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society of the United States. The dogs were confined to 2' x 3' hutches with wire bottoms for their entire lives. They received no socialization with people and were subjected to deplorable hygiene conditions, exposure to the elements, and minimal veterinary care.

Due to lack of enforceable regulations, Junior Horton, the owner, faced no charges or responsibility for the cost or impact his former profit center will incur upon the Carroll County government or the many non-profits like us.

Behavior-Related Questions

If you have behavior-related questions regarding your puppy mill rescue, MCHS is offering free online behavior assistance.

How to Rehabilitate a Puppy Mill Dog

To read about the difficult “road ahead” for these rescues, click here for information on how to rehabilitate a puppy mill dog.

Thank You

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for making this rescue mission possible- the animal sheltering department at Humane Society of the United States, Juan Lopez and Jamie Lew for rescuing the dogs from the puppy mill, Kenhaven Animal Hospital, owned by Dr. Javaid Manzoor for performing all the spay and neuters and other medical treatments, Kenhaven staff- especially Mary and Crystal who were very helpful, Clarissa Leith for grooming the dogs, Kris Rogers with

K.Michelle Studios and Robin Siegel who both took the photographs of the dogs, Charlotte Wagner with K9 Paws for conducting full behavior assessments and offering classes for adopters,Your Dog’s Friend for offering classes for adopters, and Dr. E. Kathryn Meyer of Veterinary Behavior Clinic. A special thank you to those who have adopted, donated to support our rescue mission, or dropped off towels and blankets.









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