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Lost and



If you have lost a pet, visit the ASAC every other day.

Filing a Lost or Found Report

1.  If you have lost your pet you should immediately file a lost report with the ASAC.

You can file a lost report:

At the animal shelter: Bring in a picture if you have one available so that we can better match up your pet with the animals at the shelter.

By phone: 240.773.5900

2.  Check Pet Harbor for our database of stray animals

Check out the listings at Helping Lost Pets

3.  Visit the Animal Services and Adoption Center at least every other day. Even if you have filed a report online or by phone and searched the database of stray animals, it is still necessary for you to come to the ASAC at least every other day. Although they keep our eyes open, they do not have adequate staff to constantly check the kennels for pets that match your description. They will only hold strays for 6 days before we begin processing adoption applications. Additional records of found pets and d.o.a. (Dead on Arrival) animals are available at the ASAC.

4.  If you have found an animal, either bring it to the ASAC or, if you want to keep it in your house, file a found report with them. Many animals are reunited by matching up lost reports with found reports.

You can file a found report:

At the ASAC: Bring in a picture. Office staff will assist you with form completion.

By phone: 240.773.5900


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