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To educate our people, and especially our children, to humane attitudes and actions toward living things is to preserve and strengthen our national heritage and the moral values we champion in the world.
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Community and youth programs
Programs at your regular meeting location
Community service projects
Community-sponsored events

For questions, please contact

Community and youth programs

MCHS programs are informational and fun.  They foster readiness to care for a pet at home, humane interactions with wildlife, and the special bond between humans and animals.  We aim to help members of the community reduce animal abuse and homelessness through understanding and responsible pet care.  We focus on:

•  How a pet joins your family and you gain responsibility for a particular animal;
•  Managing the pet population to prevent homelessness;
•  Committing to care for your pet over its entire lifetime;

•  Respect for wildlife, and how, when, and whether to help.

Compassion and empathy toward all living beings are values we seek to instill, rather than taking them for granted.  We prepare people of all ages and backgrounds for responsible relationships with the animals in their lives, whether at home or in nature.

Please contact us to arrange a program custom-designed for your interests.


•  Programs to promote corporate social responsibility and employee relations
•  Workplace giving exhibits and presentations
•  Community Speaker’s Bureau

•  Classroom visits aligned with Maryland Standards of Learning
•  Career Days and after-school programs
•  Scout badges
•  Youth and teen animal clubs

All ages
•  Community service / Service learning / Service projects

Please schedule your program by completing and returning our request form at least 8 weeks in advance.

For questions, please contact or phone (240) 731-0886

Humane Educator in the Classroom Young visitors

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Programs at your regular meeting location

Programs are tailored to age and interests and may run from 30 minutes to a little over an hour, depending on the group.  A typical format begins with an overview of the Montgomery County Humane Society and whatever additional topic(s) you choose.  For many programs we bring an “AmbassaDawg” or “EduCat,” or other appropriate animal to demonstrate principles of good animal care.

We strongly recommend service projects as an additional, optional activity for all ages, to foster and reinforce collaboration between the community and the shelter in caring for the homeless animals in our midst.

Programs at your location may be scheduled any weekday, typically between 10 am and 6 pm.  Please complete the program request form at least 8 weeks in advance to request a visit.

Girl Scout Silver Award project

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Service projects

Community service projects such as Wish List drives and craft projects may be coordinated through our Education Director.

No appointment is needed simply to drop off your collections at our offices during regular business hours.  Please ask whoever helps you to give you a Drop-off Donation Form to complete for our records.

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Community-sponsored events

Community organizations (adults) often invite MCHS to exhibit or present a program. We’re available to answer questions about caring for animals, both pets and wildlife, and we may bring a live animal when feasible.  You’ll learn more about what responsible animal care entails, and you’ll become more familiar with our programs and services.

Please complete our program request form to arrange your program.


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