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Pet Bereavement Seminars are held the evening of the third Wednesday of every month. The seminars are FREE, but reservations are required.

Please call (240) 773-5973 to reserve a seat.

Has your pet died, or are you anticipating the death of your special friend? Meet with others who are experiencing the same sense of loss, in a discussion group led by Dr. Mary Knipmeyer.

The Pet Loss Group is not a therapy group, per se, but more a self help group. If you think you will benefit from individual therapy Dr. Knipmeyer can recommend local psychotherapists who include pet loss issues in their practice.

During the Pet Loss Group session, individuals will be given a chance to discuss their own particular loss and listen to others' experiences. Sometimes just hearing others talk about their loss can be beneficial.

Dr. Knipmeyer will also share with the participants ideas and tips for learning to cope with the loss of the pet; what to expect as time goes by and help with the issue of whether or not to get another pet, and if so, when.

For those anticipating or planning for a loss, participation in the group can help people prepare and know what to expect. Questions related to the experience of euthanasia , disposal of the pet's remains etc., can also be covered.

Handouts and further reading suggestions will be available at the meeting.

Dr. Knipmeyer has experienced the loss of some of her own pets and brings her own experience to the group as well as information about the importance of the animal / human bond and the depth of feeling individuals experience when a pet dies.

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

Beau's Place
by Jack Sando

The runt of the litter
is what was explained,
By the couple who asked us to
give him a home and a name.

We said we would take him,
right there on the spot,
With the house and the garden,
and the plans for the lot.

After all, it was Beau's place,
before it was ours,
And his custom, we learned,
was to water the flowers.

He came when we called,
he was smart as a whip.
When we got in our car,
he jumped in for the trip.

Beau spoke in a language,
whose words were unclear,
But he always made certain
at least we would hear.

We knew Beau would greet us
when we entered the door,
He preferred to be lifted
than to stay on the floor.

Beau sought out our company
from morning to night,
He even took walks with us,
Now that was a sight.

Beau made each day sweet
with the love that he gave,
Which is why it was hard,
when he died, to be brave.

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