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Is your cat using your couch as a scratching post? Is your dog begging at the dinner table? Did you adopt a puppy mill rescue and need help with rehabilitation?

MCHS accepts questions online to help you solve dog and cat behavioral problems. Dr. E. Kathryn Meyer of Veterinary Behavior Clinic answers your emails as a complimentary service to the community in an educational effort to keep animals out of shelters and assist new adopters.

Dr. Meyer is often quoted in national animal behavior forums.  In her capacity as president of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), she’s advocated reinforcing desirable behavior and understanding the animal’s underlying emotional state.

Email for answers. Please allow 7 days for a response. Select questions will be chosen and published.

Dog Topics Cat Topics
Dog Afraid of Visitors Scratching Furniture
Growling/Waking Issues Food Issues
Fear of Men Bully Cat in Multi-Cat Household
Territorial Aggression New Baby
Destructive Chewing Litter Box Problems
Puppy Mill Dog Introducing a New Cat into a Mulitcat Household
Eating Off the Counter Inappropriate Spraying
Dog Allergies or Stress? A Fearful and Difficult Cat
Barking Dog Suckling Kitten
Reactive Dog Older Cat Not Using the Litterbox
Puppy Training Young Cat with Anger Issues
Early Morning Riser Surviving Cat is Lonely
8 Years of Housebreaking Problems Cat is Over Grooming
Puppy Mill Dog Afraid of Owner Cat Aggression Towards New Cat
Housetraining a Puppy Mill Dog Inappropriate Scratching
Frightened Puppy Mill Dog New Kitten Aggressive to Residents
Marking Issues Cat "Attacks" Ankles
How to Stop "Mouthing" Angry 10-yr-old Kitty
Dog Chews Tags Kitty Misses Bird Feeder
4-month-old Pup Poops Inside Cat Pees on Bed
Excessive Barking, Chewing Cat Pees Under Carpet
Dog with Poor Recall Cat Urinating Outside the Box
Poor Manners: Sofa, Begging, counter Surfing What is Wrong with My Cat?
Redirecting Inappropriate Play Style Cat Pees on Everything
Potty training a 14-month-old Dog Older Cat Defecates Away from Litterbox
Dog Chases Motorcycles New Behavior from 1-yr-old Cat
Dog Won't Walk on Uncarpeted Floors No More Brotherly Love
21-month-old Still Chews Things Formerly Abused Kitty Needs Ear Meds
Update on Puppy Mill Rescue Aggressive, Anxious Cat with Dermatologic Issues
Newly-Adopted Dog is Aggressive Older Cat Afraid of Youngsters?
Dog Chews Socks Mom Cat Dislikes Other Cats
Housetraining a 3-month-old Pup Aggressive Kitten
Different Rules for a New Dog Cat Eating All the Time
Puppy Mill Dog Terrified of Outdoors  
Puppy Mill Dog and New Kitten  
Excessive Licking  
Shutting Down  
Integrating Shelter Dog when Existing Dog has Issues  
Need Help Interpreting Dog Behavior  
Leash Aggression  
Excessive Barking  
Fearful Rescued Dog  
Doggie Day Camp Aggression  
Separation Anxiety  
Aggression Towards Dog Walker  
House Training Challenges  
Dogs are cat aggressive  
Fear-aggressive unsocialized dog  


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