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Transport Van – large-capacity vehicle to transport equipment or animals in crates to off-site adoption events. Good body and in good working condition.


4WD Vehicle – large-capacity vehicle with 4WD for emergency response in inclement weather, as well as for animal transport year-round.  Good body and in good working condition.


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• exam gloves, powder-free • hand sanitizer
• salt-free ice melt -- "safe for pets" • rubbing alcohol
• anti-bacterial soap in pump dispensers • paper towels
Swiffer Wet Jet refills and pads • facial tissue
Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent • bleach
• unopened bags of dry pet food -- any type • dishwashing soap
• canned pet food -- any type  

Foster Dogs

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Esbilac for puppies Galileo bones
• grooming items such as brushes and scissors • leashes, collarsand harnesses
• squeaky toys (no rope, no buttons) • washable fleece beds

Cats -- in Foster and in Rescue

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• "Stretch and Scratch" cat scratchers that mount in kennel cages • kitty litter
Habitats: Our shelter cats love these, they help keep our cats comfortable during their stay and go home with each adopted kitty
KMR for kittens
• cat teasers • small soft stuffed animals
• plastic balls with plastic beads inside • catnip mice (no feathers)
• carpet squares (rectangular sample squares with bound -- not frayed -- edges) • small stainless steel dishes/bowls
• washable fleece beds (round circle with hood over top) • fleece donut beds (round with no top)
• washable toys (no fur or feathers)

Equipment, Office Furnishings & Electronics

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• sectional conference table, arrangeable to seat up to 10, with lightweight side or stacking chairs (table and chairs together must fit in a space approx. 8'x14') • general office supplies
• projector that works off a laptop • floor safe
Datamars ISO Max V microchip scanner • pens, Post-It notes
• plain white #10 envelopes • letter size file folders
• Go Pro HERO camera  

Foster Care and Off-Site Adoptions

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• empty bottle/can case boxes (roughly 9 inches x 13 inches x 2 inches tall) for the cats to use as litterboxes at adoption events • baby gates
• fold down crates (roughly 24x36 inch) to house cats during adoption events • canned pet food -- any type
• comforters cut into quarters and hemmed • unopened bags of dry pet food -- any type
• flea and heartworm preventative for all size dogs • cat carriers

For Wagging Tails

(please deliver directly to the store, 1310 East Gude Drive, Rockville)

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• small shopping carts • bubble wrap
• plastic shopping bags  


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• sponge mops (new or gently used)

• vacuum cleaner

Rubbermaid 30-gallon containers with lids • cat and dog scale
• dustpansng lids • dust mop
• brooms (new or gently used) • fleece blankets (no wool)
• clippers for grooming • large bath towels
• digital thermometers • nebulizer
• toaster oven • washcloths
MatBreaker, professional • hand towels
• heating pads for underage babies • folding chairs


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