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Happy Tails!

Stories, testimonies and tributes

to your adopted friends

Do you have a happy MCHS adoption story

that you would like to share with others?

Jack and Me



This is a happy story that is long overdue. We are writing to thank the MCHS for all of the wonderful years we had with Jack. I went to the shelter twelve years ago to help a friend find a new furry companion and saw this gorgeous set of blue eyes peering over the top of the litter box. He was beautiful and frightened and even though I couldn’t see much of him, something in his eyes told me he had to come home with me. We think he was a Ragdoll Snowshoe mix, but whatever breed he was didn’t matter. We lost our beloved Jack at the age of 20+ a few months ago. He was eight years old when we found him. He will always be remembered as the diplomat of our household. He was the sweetest, most affectionate feline ever. He curled up with all of our other cats, cleaned all of our others cats and shared his food with everyone. Jack was a happy boy 99% of the time. The last 1% was hysterical because when he did get mad, he had a mean right. One of my funniest memories of him will always be when I would shake my finger at him for the VERY rare thing he did wrong. He would take his right paw and give you about three pops with it, then run off. It was just too funny.

I always tell people looking for a pet to visit the MCHS. All of our furchildren have come from the shelter and we would never have it any other way. We have been adopting since 1981. You won’t regret it. SO many wonderful animals need loving homes. There is bound to be something special waiting for you there just as Jack was waiting for us.


August 2011

Dear MCHS Staff,
We just wanted to send along a big thank you and quick update for our recently adopted puppy, Sully (tag number 256). Since adopting Sully earlier last month, she has fallen right into the swing of things and fits in perfectly with our family. She is such a sweet, fun-loving pup that spreads so much joy to those around her. She started school a few weeks ago and has already learned sit, down, watch me, touch, and loose leash walking! We are constantly impressed with her remarkable intelligence and obedience and are thinking about training her to become a therapy dog one day! These days at her new home, Sully enjoys nothing more than going on a nice run with her Dad, picking a toy out of her toy basket, chasing after her tail (and squirrels!), and taking some afternoon naps!

We can't wait to learn more about our newest addition in the many years to come!
Thank you again!
Pam L. and Sean M.

July 2011

Dear MCHS,
I've been wanting to write about how wonderful adoption is and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give a dog or other animal a new home. We got Indhu from MCHS in Jan 1998. Our beloved sheltie of 12 years had passed away and we wanted to get a companion dog for our other dog. When I came to MCHS, here was this cute, bright eyed, thin yellow lab mix who gave us the most sad look. We found out no one was interested in adopting her, that she had a bit of a history, and that we would be her third home. Of course, Indhu being Indhu snagged our hearts in minutes. We somehow knew that was the dog for us.

We filled out the paperwork and were checked out at home. The day we came to pick her up here comes out dog crazy eyed and trying to escape from the handler and we thought "oh my gosh did we make the right decision?". But, I guess third time was the charm for this pup! We took her in the car with her whining and howling. We quickly learned that this little sneak artist was very smart, a quick learner, intuitive, extremely affectionate, and lovable.

In the 13+ years we owned Indhu, she had become the neighborhood dog, greeting kids at the bus stop on her walks and at Halloween time, teaching little kids that not all dogs are scary, licking everyone and everything in her midst, comforting people when they needed it, running across the road in the snow to greet the neighbors and eating snowballs thrown to her, teaching new puppies how to respect their elder dogs as well as encouraging them to play with her, protecting when she had to, making us laugh when she would do silly things like sit in my lap looking like a turkey at the kitchen table and look adoringly in my eyes as I rubbed her tummy, the way she would always have the knack to find people who were not dog people and get them to love her, squeak her toy when she wanted to play, and sit in the mud in the garden when we dug away. She gave her love in spades and charmed everyone who met her. Of the three dogs we have had in our lives each was special, but our most memorable will be Indhu.

We said goodbye to her today, July 1, 2011. As I write this with tears in my eyes, I encourage everyone who wants a dog to take a look at the Montgomery County Humane Society Shelter or rescue leagues and take a look at those dogs you would not normally look at and give them a second or third chance. They might have a history, but doesn't mean they don't deserve a chance to be loved and in return give love back.

To Indhu: Thank you for being the best dog in the world and for all the unconditional love that you gave us! You were definitely one of a kind and I'm glad we could give you the love and that you deserved.

Ambika S

June 2011
Dear MCHS,

Thanks to you, I have the honor and pleasure of sharing my life and house with two beautiful boys, Romeo and MacBeth. I discovered Romeo (Hercules) at the shelter in Fall 2001. He joined our family -- which at the time consisted of me and an elderly 16 year old cat, Pepper. Romeo and Pepper had a rough start. Pepper wasn't at all sure about sharing her home with him. But, he charmed her at last and they became great friends. When Pepper died two years later, poor Romeo mourned for a week, refusing to eat. This is even more remarkable to those who know him because he could eat non-stop if I'd let him! Upon my promise to bring home a new friend, he quite literally turned around and ate for the first time in a week! It's true. Once we were ready, I began the search for his promised buddy and was lucky to discover Laurie Morrison and one of her foster babies, Earth (now MacBeth). MacBeth was just a baby and he and the 2-year old Romeo quickly became best friends. Seven years later, I have a house full of joy and activity with these two lovely boys. I can't imagine my house being a home without them.

Attached is a photo of the two of them nicely sharing a perch. Romeo is the gold tabby, and MacBeth is the smoke. Thank you for all that you do, for both the animals that you rescue and the people and homes you serve. Our lives are much improved thanks to the lovely pets you bring into our lives!

Andrea C

June 2011
I picked out Sparrow back in November of last year. I had actually gone into the shelter with the vague notion that I'd look at the older, quiet female cats -- and I ended up leaving a few days later with a male four-month-old kitten, a cute whirlwind of white and black fluff. It was hard to resist when this outgoing little kitten with a broken tail-tip stuck a paw through the cage and proceeded to purr at me.

He's a very needy and vocal cat -- he likes attention, and is not shy about letting anyone know. He loves chasing me around the apartment and entices me to play by dragging his favorite toys up to me and trilling -- and he rarely gets tired of doing so (he has me well-trained). Because he would do anything for freeze-dried chicken treats, I've also taught him to come, sit, lie down, and jump up on command -- not bad for a cat! He adores everyone he meets, and although he's definitely not a lap-cat, he is still incredibly sweet and greets me by the door for a head-rub and purr every time I return home; occasionally, I wake up to find him sleeping on my hand or head. He also takes a certain demonic pleasure in demolishing any stack of papers I might have lying around for school, or running off with my graphics tablet pen if I leave it sitting around.

I'm so thankful to have him, he's simply a joy to come home to every day, and hope you guys continue to adopt out dozens more like him!


June 2011

Dear MCHS Staff,
Thank you so much for helping me find a home. My Mommy and Daddy already love me SOO much! I got to come home last week and they have been spoiling me rotten. I now have a big bed to sleep on, lots of toys to play with, delicious treats and things to chew on, and I am never hungry. (Sure beats roaming the streets.) My Mommy even lets me snuggle with her in bed sometimes. I am such a happy girl right now. :) Please tell all the other puppies and kitties that life gets better and that you will help them find their forever home too. Thanks again!

Big Paw Hugs,

As Dolly's Mom, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped make our adoption of Dolly a smooth and joyful process. She is such a wonderful addition to our family! Dolly was a stray puppy about 3 months old when I met her. I volunteer with the dogs on weekends and came across this silly little girl. I took her out for her afternoon walk and all she wanted to do was sit on my lap; slightly difficult for a tall puppy such as herself but she just stole my heart. I'm not to sure if I chose to adopt her or she chose me; I'll leaning towards the latter. So of course I ran home and gushed about her to my fiance; who also fell for her the second they met. Dolly came home last week after being spayed and has morphed back into the fun loving, playful pup she is. I can't believe how fast she is learning things. She's almost house trained after 4 days and she already knows how to sit. Dolly's going to ace dog school! Anyway, again we just wanted to express our deepest thanks for helping us bring Dolly home. We love her to peices!

Katie F and Richard W

May 2011

My husband and I would like to thank the Montgomery County Humane Society, animal shelter staff, and especially Karen, for helping us find a new family member. We had our first cat for about 2 years when we decided to find a pal for him. Our first cat is very nocturnal, and we thought that getting a second cat will give our boy the company to play with at night, and will give us a chance of solid uninterrupted night sleep.

The result of our quest for second cat has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Because I am a great fan of Turkish angora breed, and because our first cat gets territorial with other male cats, but timid with females, our search was limited to a "friendly female turkish angora". When I saw the photo of "Kenya" (now renamed to Ms. Bead) on the MCHS website, I had some doubts. She looked grumpy and angry on the photo. But I decided to give it a try and meet her in person. During my first visit to MCHS shelter I saw many wonderful cats, and thought that I might adopt a different cat, not Kenya. But then an employee of the shelter opened the cage with tiny white kitty, and gave her to me. She hugged my neck with her tiny paws, licked my lips, and sneezed on my shoulder. As you may imagine: it was a classic love at first sight, on both parts. Then my husband came to visit the shelter, and became instantly fond of her too. Her records said that she expressed signs of aggression, had damaged furniture, and marked apartment. In 9 months that she lives with us we did not see any of those behavioral traits. Since at the time of meeting with us Kenya had severe cold and was very undernourished, it took her almost three months to fully recover. It was not a hassle for us, but it did keep us worried. She did pee on her bed twice soon after adoption, but we knew that it was due to her illness. She also vomited quite a bit during her recovery time. But we knew that it was "normal" given the circumstances and her health condition. Finally she got well, then we get her spayed, and after that the life for our family of 4 (2 adults, 2 cats) is a bliss. Without a doubt, she is the most wonderful, happy, sweet, friendly and amazing kitty I ever met. What makes it even better, we have 100% personality match, and she became best friends with our first cat (as you can see on attached photo). While my husband and I finally get normal uninterrupted sleep at night! Ms. Bead waits by the door when I come home and greets me. She follows me around apartment and shows how much she loves me. She takes every chance to jump on my lap and snuggle. She is quiet 99% of the time and the only sound she makes is loud purring. In the morning she waits by the bed until the moment I open my eyes to tell me "good morning" and give me a kiss. She never wakes me up, never distracts me if I am busy, she is extremely sensitive, gentle, sweet and considerate kitty. On the photos: Ms. Bead is yawning while having a nap on her favorite pillow, and on joint photo: she is the one on the right, being relaxed, hugged and groomed by Mr. M.

I am advising to all my friends to adopt a cat or a dog from shelter. This is a great way to find a devoted friend, and save a life. Plus, it is possible to find in the shelter almost any type of cat: your favorite color, personality, size, age, gender, or breed. There are so many great cats in the MCHS shelter, and I wish I could offer to more of them the comfort of our home. I hope all shelter animals will find a new loving family.

During an interview with Karen we promised that we will take good care of this cat, and as you can see: we do! We made Ms. Bead happy, and she gives back happiness to us every day. Thank you again for giving us a joy of sharing our life with this wonderful cat.


May 2011

I would like to share my experience and gratitude for my Stoney (black, short haired neutered kitty), who was adopted from the MCHS in September 2008. While taking my Chyna (black long-haired spayed kitty) for a routine check-up with the Vet, I saw a flyer from the MCHS Black Kitty Promotion. I wanted a companion for my Chyna and thought that this was the perfect opportunity for us. So, I paid MCHS a visit. To my surprise, there were so many beautiful colored cats to choose from. I entered the cat room and sat on the sofa to allow the cats to become familiar with me. I was looking for a loving and affectionate (girl) kitten; however Stoney, (shelter name: Barnicle) -- the only black cat in the room -- came along and jumped up next to me purring! I fell in love with him immediately!! And I knew that he would be the new addition to my family.

Although I was excited about Stoneys’ arrival, I was a little apprehensive of introducing the two kitties. I was not certain how Chyna -- who had been my only kitty for the past year and a half -- would welcome a companion. And, just as I imagined, we had a number of bumps along the way. First, my sweet little Chyna gave me the “cold shoulder” for a couple of days. 2nd, as I attempted to separate the kitties into different rooms, Stoney would make several attempts to “break out” of the room to meet Chyna; however, Chyna was not having it. Chyna (who has all claws) was no match for Stoney (whose front paws are declawed). Stoney showed her who was the boss, and the rest is history. They are the best of friends, at times I joke that I’m not sure if they consider each other brother and sister or husband and wife (lol). Sometimes, when I return home from work, I see them laying on to each other.

When Stoney arrived home from the shelter, he acted as if he owned the place; he made himself comfortable, he choose his perfect window and sofa seat; he let me know that he prefers tummy rubs. He loves to sit and talk about nothing (he has the sweetest voice ever).

Recently, I learned that Stoney is diabetic; however, I am so very thankful that I can afford to buy his needed insulin and special dietary food. Thank you so much, MCHS, for the promotional event that led me to my beautiful Stoney, who has brought much joy to my family life. I cannot imagine our lives without him. Please keep up all the good work you do.

Tamika T


April 2011

Lucky, a seven and a half year old beagle shepherd mix, came to the animal shelter at the end of January this year.She came across as a leisurely, laid-back lady, appropriate for her age.

As the most rewarding part of my duties as a volunteer at the shelter, I take the dogs for walks and talks or to play ball, their choice. One day, Lucky jumped up on a bench and indicated that I should sit down too. She climbed in my lap and whispered in my ear, "I'm going home with you". That was that.

After the adoption, it became immediately apparent that Lucky thinks she's two years old: we run here, we run there, we run up, we run back, we run sideways, especially if a squirrel is present. So the nearby dog park where dog chase each other to blissful exhaustion was a wonderful find for us! And I forgot to mention that under Luvky's Law, the sofa is hers at any time, 24 hours a day...

If you are reading this, do hurry to the shelter and find your own version of Lucky -- you will be glad you did!

Pat B.

March 2011

When we first went to the shelter, we were initially going to adopt a puppy. Because both of us work full time and are not at home to care for a baby dog, the shelter advised against it. We decided that an adult cat would be our best option. We were initially attracted to DaVinci for his name, and once we held him, we both fell in love with his easy going attitude and the fact that would not stop purring (which we took as a good sign).

He was a stray and hence there was no records from his previous owner, but this did not bother us since the shelter had taken care of all the important health issues. We were curious about his clipped left ear, and during the follow up visit with the Vet, he informed us that this is a sign that he was a stray. We did not mind as it gives him even more character, as one can tell from his portrait. He is now part of our family now and his favorite pass time is hanging out on the window sill carefully watching the birds and tree climbing squirrels.

Gail & Mathew X

March 2011

Dear foster mom ,
I wanted to let you know that Minnie/foster is doing well. I've attached a couple of pictures -- as you know a good picture is hard to get because she is always on the move. Saturday night we played cards with friends and she was sleeping on the chair next to me and finally laid her head on the table as if to say "Can't we just go to bed?" She is in love with my husband and son! She hates it when they leave the room, the house, or go down stairs where she won't go. She still hasn't gone up or down the stairs, although she is getting more comfortable with the "sight" of them. All in all, the transition from foster care to our home is going well.

Thank you!

Bonnie S


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